May 17, 2018


The main goal of this Programme is to train and develop the individual’s creative and artistic skills in visual arts. In addition it is aimed at developing the student’s professional and intellectual skill in response to technological and cultural needs in the society.

The student will be required to offer additional courses in the Faculty of Engineering not only to broaden his background in the integration of science and art, but also to sharpen his awareness on the knowledge of technology. The student specializing in the practice of Art is expected to make use of indigenous African forms and symbols together with found objects creatively to develop his own mode of expressions. In this regard, it is hoped that he will be able to make appreciable contributions to the academics, industries the mass media, and to the society by promoting the appreciation of indigenous and contemporary art forms influenced by technology base.

The first two years will allow the student gain an insight into all Fine and Applied Arts courses. In the third year, the students are expected to practice a double-major course of specialization, but in the fourth and the fifth years a student is allowed to specialize in any one of the following areas: CERAMICS, GRAPHICS DESIGN, TEXTILES DESIGN, PAINTING AND SCULPTURE.

Department of Fine and Applied Arts
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