May 16, 2018


The goal of this programme is to produce graduates who can combine in the best manner the three aspects of architectural knowledge, namely:

  1. The Arts of Architecture i.e. the Graphics, Drafting, Renderings, Modeling or the language of Architecture.
  2. The Science of Architecture i.e. the Architectonics, Structures and the Science of
  3. The Business of Architecture i.e. the selling of one’s ideas and the professional practice and business survival.

The way these three aspects are combined in this curriculum is therefore to produce architectural graduates who will excel in the labor market and in their callings, make marks and contribute to their generation through creativity and production, rather than being job seekers.

They should be vast in every area of creativity and design, and make impacts as solutions to the societal needs. In view of the above, they would have a good command of the modern techniques and technologies of production. The graduates would be high quality professionals capable of solving complex environmental and design problems.

Department of Architecture
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