May 16, 2018


Discipline is one of the most important tools in any academic pursuit. It is the bedrock for any academic excellence. The students will be conditioned to imbibe the necessary discipline towards their academic growth the minimum class/studio/laboratory or workshop attendance to qualify to take the examination is 75% of the total number of meetings for the course.  Every student is to cultivate the habit of promptness, neatness, regularity and orderliness in all class, studio, lecture or library areas.


Every student is to comply with the prescribed dress codes while in the laboratory or workshops. Students should also dress formally into the classrooms, studios, and library etc. without which they may be denied admission by the lecturers.


While in the academic environment, the students are to conduct themselves in such manner that they do not constitute nuisance to others.  There shall be no formation of any organizations, clubs, or societies without first approval of the universities authorities.


Department of Architecture
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