May 16, 2018

History of the Department Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering, College of Engineering and Environmental Studies (Ibogun Campus) of Olabisi Onabanjo University was formally commissioned in November 2003 by the Ogun State Government. It has the responsibility for the needs, training and services in Computer Engineering and Technology.

The Technological developments have brought about revolution in our society. The revolution has the effect on our thinking and social norms.  In recognition of these facts, the position of the Department of Computer Engineering is to offer the very highest quality that can ever be achieved in field of Computer Engineering and Technology.

The curriculum of the Department of Computer Engineering is designed to provide the student the opportunity to prepare him/her for specialized professional career. This curriculum leads to the honours degree of Bachelor of Science normally at the end of five years. The programme also provides solid academic bases upon which to build more advanced degrees if so desired. The department places much emphasis on the project and the industrial trainings for proper exposure.

The Department offered degree in Computer Engineering.  The departmental decision extract at various meetings concluded that the degree may later be splited in to two specialize areas namely Computer Hardware Engineering and Computer Software Engineering. The strength of the Computer Engineering Training is in the practical exposure of the students, thus the College provided the following laboratory for the use of the students: Digital Electronics Laboratory- equipped with the latest Electronic Digital Devices for better understanding of instrumentation and measurement, Computer Engineering Laboratory- equipped with Hardware Devices for Identification and necessary repair that could be done on them, Mechanical Work Shop- equipped with the latest Machines for Shop Floor uses, and Computer Programming Laboratory- equipped with Computer Systems.  They are networked for the use of the student and research purposes.

Department of Computer Engineering
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