May 16, 2018


AGRICULTURAL Engineering is one of the basic disciplines of the engineering profession, which concerns itself with the design, construction and use of a variety of equipment ranging from manufacturing and power generating equipment to consumer goods It involves designing agricultural machines that are used for the production, harvesting, storage of farm crops, rearing and care of farm animals, irrigation, soil and water engineering.

Training of graduates in Agricultural Engineering at the Olabisi Onabanjo University will specifically take account of the following:

(i)            Provision of broad based academic and practical training to achieve mastery in Agricultural Engineering concepts of design, manufacturing, installation, machine operation and service, marketing, consultancy, research and development.

(ii)           Equipping the graduates with enough basic principles of maintenance and repair required to cope with the current industrial status of the country, whereby most machine tools and equipment are imported.

(iii)          Harnessing of energy resources and conversion into varieties of intended end-use.

(iv)         Production of high level man-power capable of working independently through self-employment as well generating employment for the unemployed.

(v)          Training individual in the standard engineering practices as applicable to the modern techniques; formulating solutions to the various industrial, manufacturing, and service delivery problems prevalent in our society.

Department of Agricultural Engineering
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