May 30, 2018

Mr. ABOLADE, Olatilewa Raphael


  2. University e-mail: 
  3. Department:             Computer Engineering
  4. College/ Faculty:         Faculty of Engineering, College of Engineering & Environmental Studies,     Ibogun Campus, Nigeria
  5. Nationality:                    Nigeria
  6. Marital Status:     Married
  7. Date of 1st Appointment with the University: April 9th, 2014
  8. Present Position                       Assistant Lecturer, CONUASS 2(4)
  10. Academic Qualification/Institutions Attended (With Dates):     i.            B.Tech Computer Engineering,                  2005 Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria

      ii.     M.Sc Computer Science (Embedded Systems option),    2012 University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


  1. Previous Work Experience outside the University System:
  2. MDS Limited, Mokola Ibadan. Function include Server Administration and networking            Date:  Mar 2004 – Nov. 2005
  1. National Youth Service Corps, Aira Technologies Victoria Island. Major functions include Linux System Administrator, Client Support Personel                    Date: Feb. 2006 – feb. 2007
  • Fenix Limited, Mokola Ibadan. Major functions include Systems Administration, and Training                                     Date: June 2008 – Jan. 2012


  1. Details of Professional Experience at Olabisi Onabanjo University:
  2. Research (Completed/On-Going)

Ongoing researches include the following:

  1. Empirical Models for Network Planning and Management (case study: College of Engineering, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria)

Administrative Functions & Contribution to the University

  1. Coordinator of Postgraduate curriculum committee for

Computer Engineering Program                    2016 – Date

  1. Member Curriculum Review Committee                                                 2015 – Date
  2. 300 Level and 500Level Course Adviser                                                2016 – Date
  3. Student Adviser, 500 Level Computer Engineering                               2016
  4. Student Adviser, 400 Level Computer Engineering                               2015
  5. Student Adviser, 300 Level Computer Engineering                               2014



  1. Membership of and Registration with professional bodies

i.) Linux Professional Institute (LPI), (2006).

ii.) Computer Professionals of Nigeria (CPN) (2009).


Unpublished research projects

  1. R. Abolade. (2004). Microprocessor Controlled Toilet Device That Automatically Clears Waste. An unpublished B.Tech thesis in the Department of Computer Engineering, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.
  2. R. Abolade. (2012). Hardware Encryption Methodology Of User Data Within The Cloud Computing Environment. An unpublished M.Sc. thesis in the Department of Computer Science, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
  3. Books Nil
  4. Contribution to Books Nil
  5. Monographs/Research Reports Nil
  6. Journal Articles Nil
  7. Papers Accepted for Publication (With Letter of Acceptance):

 [*Articles published after the last promotion, +International publications, ^Local publications]

A Generic Algorithm-Based Approach for Cell Outage Compensation in Self-Healing Networks.

Published Conference Proceedings: Nil

Technical Reports

Manuscripts Submitted for Publication

  1. Overhead Effects of Data Encryption on TCP Throughput across IPSEC Secured Networks
  2. Analysis of Outage Probability and Power Consumption in Wireless Networks


  1. Unpublished Conference/Workshop Papers and Public Lectures
  2. Modelling the use of energy harvesting in wireless communication Networks. (ACCEPTED)
  3. An Improved Authentication System Using Hybrid of Biometrics and Cryptography. (ACCEPTED)
  • Empirical Validation of Regression Models for Forecasting Global Irradiance (case study: Abeokuta, Nigeria). (ACCEPTED)
  2. Applied Information Technology Conference (AIT 2017)

Paper Read: Overhead Effects of Data Encryption on TCP Throughput across IPSEC Secured    Networks




    1. Within the University:

Aside from lecturing students in the area of computer engineering to prepare them for the career ahead and be able to contribute to national development, I go the extra mile to counsel students, especially those with academic problem who appear to be losing self-confidence and hope. By being a listening ear many opened up and became better students.




  1. The paper titled Overhead Effects of Data Encryption on TCP Throughput across IPSEC Secured Networks is focused on the impact of encrypted data on network speed. Encryption of data results in additional increase in sizes of data, this increase in data sizes is not consistent as data size increase.

We defined a trend for a series of data through simulations. This trend contributes to      knowledge by providing a means which helps in predicting the expected transfer speed for encrypted data.


  • The paper titled A Generic Algorithm-Based Approach for Cell Outage Compensation in Self-Healing Networks analyses the cell out compensation in networks, through genetic algorithms, different algorithm were investigated. An algorithm was recommended for efficient outage compensations at different scenarios through simulations.


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